Programming competition OOP1 2017

How good are your programming skills?

Last modified: 22.11.2017

How good are your programming skills? Can you compete with the winning team of ITCOM1 students?

In the course Object Oriented Programming, students use an automatic programming system, which automatically evaluates the solutions in real time (don't worry about the browser’s warning about the self-signed SSL certificate, is safe to accept it). It is developed by our teacher Sokol Kosta. The exercises gets gradually more difficult.

Today the final programming competition was held, as part of the Object Oriented Programming 1 course. Six teams competed between each other for two hours to solve seven problems of different level of difficulty.

Team 1 managed to solve all problems in less than 90 minutes, winning this way the competition. However, all the other groups performed great, showing a high level of competitiveness.