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ITCOM closes down

We are very sorry to announce that you cannot any longer apply for studying the BSc. ITCOM. The study programme closes down due to a decision in the university management. At interested and existing students can read about the education. Read more here.

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IT, Communication and new media

ITCOM is 3 years of engineering and designing for a world that is always turning 

ITcom is a strong engineering education in a global environment

ITCOM is building intelligent applications and seeing their greater potential in business and society

ITCOM is intense group work and practical projects

Internet, cloud services, mobile communication, broadcasting and new media like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook are all areas of rapid development. In the 3 years of ITCOM you learn to understand technologies like these, see their business potential and design solutions for the next digital waves.

The limits of ITCOM are set only by your limits. Every group/semester project is a new possibility to explore, innovate and learn together with your team and dive into solving real problems. What do you want to improve?

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Recent Projects

Every semester, students of ITCOM develop group projects in teams of 4-8 students. These projects are explorations of real-world problems and challenges, because of the problem based learning principles of Aalborg University.

Examples of projects:

  • Social Music Player
  • Do Something! (suggests ideas for you when you are bored)
  • Break Fit (keeping track of your exercises – in collaboration with Fitness DK)
  • Secure mobile car key
  • Smart home/Intelligent fridge

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