Student Projects & Industry Collaboration

As you can see in the slideshow, students of this BSc. ITCOM - and the MSc. ICTE - develop every semester group projects, as well as bachelor- and master theses. These projects are explorations of real-world problems and challenges based on the problem based learning principles of Aalborg University.

More examples of projects - besides those in the slide show - can be mentioned:
  • Secure mobile car key
  • Interactive menu card
  • Connectivity in trains and buses
  • Broadband in rural areas (India)
  • Smart Home
  • Cloud gaming
  • Distributed Collaborative tools
  • New functionalities on Moodle (e-learning system)
  • Instant messaging system
  • Simplifying emergency calls for deaf and mute people.
  • Social Music Player
  • Do Something! (suggest ideas for you when you are bored)
  • Break Fit (keeping track of your exercises – in collaboration with Fitness DK)
  • Stufoo Shop Cheaper and Closer (price runner app)


What to do after ITCOM? One good possibility is to continue at our MSc. "Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneutship" ("ICTE"). That could bring you a good career...

Here two videos about what ICTE MSc. students do after graduating, Pernille (Danfoss) and Timmy, Volvo:



Industrial Collaboration

In student projects, internships and in reseacrh projects we collaborate with both start-ups and well-esthablished companies within IT, telecom, broadcast, streaming, media production and management, games, user-identity management, ICT for development, ICT-infrastructure planning, copyright, law, user experience / cars, and industrial production.