As a bachelor student of IT, Communication and New Media (ITCOM) at Aalborg University Copenhagen, you will learn how to develop technical solutions in a market perspective with focus on user needs. You will learn about technologies for the future Internet and develop new applications for smartphones, tablets and other new media platforms.
This programme gives you an attractive profile with sought after competencies in programming, collaboration, communication, business and innovation.

You will have the opportunity to work with advanced information and communications technologies enabling new applications based on internet, mobile and broadcast (radio & TV) platforms. You will gain a profound understanding of the technologies and their potential, and you will learn how to apply technology in practice through analysis and development of innovative services, applications and solutions, targeting specific user needs. 



What industry says: Strand Consult

John Strand from Strand Consult about ITCOM:

"In the world where the IT, telecommunications, media and financial services have converged and product life is shortened, firms need a new type of employee. Winning companies increasingly demand people who can implement digital technical solutions and the associated business models and processes. The traditional model of employment in technology firms in which a person learned skills on the job over time is being replaced by a model in which professionals come to their jobs, already having acquired the skills they need. The ITCOM program is created for the future’s flexible workforce and enables students to get ahead with skills employers need today. It also equips students with tools and strategies to manage their career in ICT."

John Strand
CEO, Strand Consult

Career Opportunities

With a BSc degree in ITCOM you are qualified to work in several sectors. Among the potential target companies and industries you will find major players within:

  •  IT, telecommunications and media sectors
  •  Equipment manufacturers
  •  Content providers
  •  Service providers
  •  Consultancies
  •  Training and research institutions
  •  Public administration.

You will be able to use your skills for development of new concepts, services, and solutions, and you will be able to act as a link between development, sales and marketing functions.

ITCOM prepare you for a variety of master programs and is a direct link to MSc in Innovative Communication Technologies and Entrepreneurship (ICTE). Both the BSc. ITCOM and the MSc. ICTE is provide by the research center "CMI" - Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies at Aalborg University in Copenhagen.