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ITCOM Tips&Tricks

In this section you can find some life hacks for ITCOM students that will make your life easier as a student. Feel free to submit your own to

How to check previous semester projects?

The first thing you need to do in order to check other students' previous projects is to go to

Once there, you need to login with your AAU credentials by clicking on Log In.



When that is complete, you have various ways to search for projects, but the simplest way is just to type "ITCOM" in the search box and click on Search. This will show you all the publicly available student projects in the university's database. If you want to have access to projects that haven't been made public, feel free to directly ask students for them.

Rent Equipment

The university has different equipment(such as phones, laptops, Arduinos and other electronics),  and labs, such as Audio/Graphics lab (which for example has an anechoic chamber for recordings or for psychological experiments) that you can rent for free for a limited amout of time.

The first you need to do is go to and login. Once there, there's a guide on how to rent the equipment that you see on the left.

Electronics Lab

For those of you interested in playing with electronics for your semester projects or simply as a hobby, there is an Electronics Lab that ITCOM and ICTE students can freely access at the floor of A.C. Meyers 12.

The electronic and fabrication laboratory is a workshop that allows you to build (almost) anything.

It includes electronic and prototyping equipment, 3D printing and laser cutting facilities such as:

- 3D printing using PLA and ABS plastics, including extensions for support materials
- Laser cutting 
- Circuit board manufacturing via etching, inkjet-printed (flexible), and even fabric circuits
- Milling machine and other manual machining equipment (drill press, etc.)

In order to use the laser cutting machine or the 3D printer, you need to take a free course, of which you can learn more by contacting Jesper Greve, who is running the electronics and fabrication laboratory at You can also usually find him inside the lab.

Study Abroad

Aalborg University has more than 600 partnerships with foreign universities(as of 2014) and ITCOM students can sometime choose to study one of the semesters(from 3rd to 6th) abroad. 

In order to do that, you have to first read about it on After that, you can visit to find the country and the university you want to study at.

Note that for semesters 3 to 5, you need to find courses that are very similar to your semester's coresponding ITCOM courses and that give the same number of ECTS points(very difficult, due to the Semester Project which is worth 15 ECTS points and is a trademark of Aalborg University's Problem Based Learning ), while on the 6th semester, due to courses being elective, you only need to find courses in the area of IT, Communication and Media Technology. Also, if you choose to go abroad on the 6th semester, you will have to work on your bachelor thesis from a distance, and present it back at Aalborg University at the end of the semester.


With that having been said, this is a tedious process that will need a lot of time, mails and involvement.