Student internship - "Studiepraktik"

Last modified: 24.10.2014

This year 11 students visited ITCOM as a three-day "free trial version" of ITCOM - try to study at ITCOM before you decide the bachelor programme you want to study. The "Studiepraktik" takes place every year all over Denmark, and if you're a student in a high school (htx, hf, stx, hhx) you can apply for a study internship at

The 11 internship students got an exercise from a current ITCOM student. Alex asked for ideas for the interface and functionalities for the app he and his group develop this semester. The result was presented as paper prototypes, and also the possible business models of the app was discussed.

Besides this exercise, internship students heard a presentation by Allan Hammershøj, Mediathand, on the potentials in brainwaves both as interfacetrol / identity check, as interface for paralysed persons and for treatment of pain.

Finally, the internship students met a group of currrent ITCOM students - the UniPay project